Here for you. . .

So you’ve gotten this far! You’re looking for a wedding Photographer to capture the best wedding EVER. I mean, what can be a better wedding than your own? Amongst all the excitement of securing your date and sending out your invites the process can be quite overwhelming. Leading up to the wedding day and even the day itself? What normally happens on a wedding day if you haven’t experienced a full day yourself?

I'm here to help! I like to see myself as a friend capturing your wedding day. That's why I feel it's so important for everyone to meet with their potention photographers before they decide on who wil cover your day. I might not be the right photographer for you, and I'm completely fine with that.The key is to be surrounded with company you can totally be yourselves with.

Slide thru the FAQ section below, hope it help!




How many hour does "Full Day Coverage" include?

This may differ from other photographers. My full day is set at 10 hours - When we organise our pre-wedding schedule we will work out the best way to document your wedding and use those 10 hours as best we can. If you know your Wedding day will go longer than that you can pre-book extra hours. Additional charges will apply to non pre-booked hours.

My Partner doesn't like being in front of the camera. How can you help?

Neither do I! That's why I'm behind it.(hahaha) I dont expect you guys to think that we're shooting for the cover of a fashion magazine. All couples might feel awkward shooting and that's completely normal. It actually adds a lot to the images as I'll be capturing who you are. I know that me telling you to just be normal is going to make you think too much. I like to think of our shoots as just connecting with each other rather than for the camera. So chill! It's fine.

Do you Travel?

Travel is my middle name! I've shot destination weddings in the past and I do offer a little more to my packages. eg Free half day locaiton shoot before or after your wedding Day. The thought of getting creative in a new city excites me.

How many images will we receive?

You can expect at least 65 images every hour covered. It all depends on how much is happening during the time. For a full day wedding (10 hours) you can expect around 600 to over 1000 images.

Do you offer Albums?

Certainly do! Technology is amazing to be able to store soft copies online and be able to view them anywhere nowadays. But, sometimes you just want to be able to stumble across your album one day repacking, organising or moving house. I love having hard copies readily available and will supply more deliverable in the future. Do check out my current Fine art book in the top menu: INFO > PACKAGES & FINE ART BOOKS

What Kind of equipment do you use? Do you have insurance?

A photographer has a vision, the camera is just a tool. Just like an Artist's paintbrush. I use Canon DSLR bodies if you really liked to know. And yes I'm covered :)

How far in advance should we reach out?

A good time to book is 6+ months in advance. On more popular months you might have to book 1 year in advance, this goes with a lot of other wedding vendors.

How do we book?

I do like to meet with everyone who enquires to make sure we're a good fit. That's the first step to making sure you can have fun and documenting your wedding will be a breeze. Booking involves contract signing and deposit to secure your date. To get started head to the contact page :)

Do you do Videography?

I've always gone by this quote " You can be good at many things, or you can be the very best at just the one" - unknown. Photography is my art, I'm very passionate about my current vision and adding videography is just a complete system overload. I do pride my work and I plan to continue offering the very best in my craft. However, I do offer videography + Photography packages with Videographers are work seamlessly with. Just ask for a quote :)